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There’s no taste like home: The Glenlivet opens the doors to its new visitor experience



The Glenlivet, the original Speyside single malt, welcomes back whisky fans to its newly refurbished home in Speyside, which opens today. After undergoing 18 months of extensive renovations, the home of The Glenlivet has become so much more than a distillery, with a new look and feel as the iconic Scotch continues to define the future of single malt whisky and open up Speyside to the world.

Following in the footsteps of its founder, George Smith, and his legendary hospitality, the redevelopment reflects his high standards and welcoming nature. Using innovative technology combined with exclusive bottlings, immersive tours, and whisky tastings, The Glenlivet brings visitors an experience like no other. From exploring the art of whisky making and showcasing rare editions, to reflecting The Glenlivet’s heritage throughout the interiors, the new visitor experience pays homage to being the original mark of quality for Speyside single malt.


The Glenlivet Experience

Hidden on the edges of the wild Cairngorms National Park in a remote Speyside glen – which was once a battleground for illicit distillers and excisemen – the visitor experience immerses guests in The Glenlivet’s rich history laced with drama and intrigue. Stepping through the doors, Scotch fans are greeted with a warm welcome as they stand beneath the spectacular chandelier made from local dried flowers. Visitors will then embark on an explorative journey, passing the archive wall of the distillery’s rarest bottles and into an indoor field of barley, harvested and preserved at one of the local farms that supplies The Glenlivet. After learning about the distillation process in The Provenance Room, guests can lounge at the bar to enjoy a dram of Speyside’s definitive single malt, whilst admiring the mosaic flooring that serves as a tribute to Scottish history. No visit will be complete without bringing a piece of The Glenlivet home. Before departing, visitors can browse the charming retail space that sells some of The Glenlivet’s finest collections, and even create a unique bottle through the exclusive label personalisation and engraving service.


An Exploration in Single Malts

For the first time in Speyside, guests can put their senses to the ultimate test by trialling some of The Glenlivet’s most exclusive whiskies and innovative products in the sampling room surrounded by hundreds of samples of The Glenlivet. There’s a range of experiences on offer including ‘The Archive’ tour, which features a tutored tasting of The Glenlivet’s oldest and rarest whiskies, such as The Glenlivet 30 Year Old Cellar Collection. Those who opt for this tour will also have the chance to experience a unique tasting of The Glenlivet Capsule Collection, which took the internet by storm in 2019 and redefined the way single malt can be enjoyed.


A Rare and Exclusive Taste

During their visit, guests will have the opportunity to discover well-loved The Glenlivet favourites alongside rare aged whiskies from the archives, as well as exclusive hand-filled bottlings, only available at the visitor experience. To celebrate the reopening, the first 100 bottles of each hand-fill edition have been signed by The Glenlivet’s renowned Master Distiller, Alan Winchester. Whisky fans can also indulge in the Atlantic Single Cask 40 Year Old and 38 year old Cellar Collection with only 30 bottles distilled.


The Embodiment of Speyside

The valley of the smooth flowing River Livet echoes throughout the visitor experience, with nods to The Glenlivet’s unrivalled history of determination, drama and inspiration. The interiors have been inspired by The Glenlivet Estate in which it sits, with Speyside-green marble encompassing oak and accoya highlights that hark back to whisky barrels used in the aging process. To bring to life it’s Scottish heritage and craft, The Glenlivet has partnered with some of the finest craftsmen across the UK to design the intricate details and finer elements of the home. These include the plasterwork by Locker & Riley above the impressive fireplace in the lounge, inspired by Scottish foliage and nature, and the beautiful patterned mosaic by Scottish artist and ceramic maker, Helen Miles. Additionally, visitors can admire the eighty-three hand-crafted clay pots by Whichford Pottery, created to replicate those that were historically used to smuggle The Glenlivet through the Scottish hillside many years ago. 

Miriam Eceolaza, Director of The Glenlivet commented:

“The Glenlivet is a symbol of Speyside, and after 18 months of renovations, we can’t wait to open the doors to our local communities and bring whisky lovers into our new visitor experience, as we continue to push boundaries and break tradition within single malt whisky. It’s a true immersion in to the iconic Speyside region, walking guests through our stunning indoor field of local barley, tasting from our old and rare archives, experimenting with our famous cocktail capsules and taking a unique piece of Speyside home with our straight from the cask personalised bottling. From the decor and design, to ambience and atmosphere, guests will witness something truly original at every turn. We strive to give visitors the best possible experience and look forward to welcoming back our loyal fans, as well as new faces keen to taste the original Speyside single malt.”

Originality is part of The Glenlivet’s DNA; George Smith risked life and liberty to produce his illicit single malt whisky, which has made The Glenlivet a pioneer in taste and quality across the single malt category to this day. The redesigned visitor experience reflects and carefully balances core Scottish values and traditions within an updated timeless design. It prides itself on being a representation of Speyside and its heritage, creating a truly authentic experience.

The Glenlivet Distillery is open to the public from today, July 1st. To discover more, plan your visit to the newly renovated home or bring Speyside to your doorstep, head to

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