Explore the world of The Last of Us Part II with Moth & Wolf: the latest Scotch whisky from The Digital Spirits Project


Fans can now get their hands on the limited-edition blended Scotch whisky as pre-orders open from Wednesday October 5th 2022.

The Digital Spirits Project, created by the innovation arm of Scotch whisky producer Chivas Brothers, has partnered with Naughty Dog to launch Moth & Wolf, a limited-edition blended Scotch whisky inspired by the world of acclaimed PlayStation®4 video game The Last of Us Part II. 

For this partnership, The Digital Spirits Project has created an entirely new expression for a new generation of fans that taps into the global passion of gaming – a blended Scotch whisky matured in American oak barrels, inspired by the world of The Last of Us Part II, both in its taste and packaging. Following months of sampling, the final liquid pays tribute to the game’s iconic locations – Seattle, Washington and Jackson, Wyoming. Creamy vanilla notes represent the safe haven of Jackson, whilst hints of smoke and malt represent the hardened landscape of Seattle.

Moth & Wolf’s label and packaging is brimming with hidden references to The Last of Us that eagle-eyed fans will truly appreciate. The label features an exquisite radial design based on Joel’s watch, further complemented by the moth and wolf symbols which respectively nod to Ellie’s arm tattoo, and Abby’s Seattle-based faction, the Washington Liberation Front. Finally, the whisky’s vintage year of 2013 is a significant date in The Last of Us mythology, marking the beginning of the Cordyceps infection that ravaged the United States.

Moth & Wolf is the second launch by Chivas Brothers as part of its Digital Spirits Project, which seeks to open the Scotch whisky category up to a new generation of whisky drinkers. Through the Digital Spirits Project, Chivas Brothers collaborates with distilleries, content creators and artists in film, TV and gaming in order to create new spirit expressions that are unique and break category cues. Fans can come closer to their passions by getting their hands on authentic and immersive extensions of the collaborators’ digital and fantasy worlds.

Kevin Balmforth, Blending Manager at Chivas Brothers commented:

“As a massive fan of The Last of Us Part II, it was a huge thrill to be a part of this project and have two of my worlds collide – Scotch and gaming. With Moth & Wolf, I was heavily inspired by the game’s setting and atmosphere, and wanted to capture in a bottle the stark contrast between those safe, happier moments in Jackson and the gripping, intense scenes in Seattle. The result is a spectacular whisky that reflects the storyline’s complexity from the ground up, and I can’t wait for my fellow gamers and Scotch fans to get a taste.”

Neil Druckmann, Co-President of Naughty Dog shared:

“We’re excited to partner with Chivas Brothers in bringing a whisky inspired by The Last of Us Part II to life. The sheer dedication from the team to create a unique whisky that takes so much inspiration from the game is a heartfelt tribute to not only the studio but our community. We hope Moth & Wolf finds a special place on your shelf.”

Moth & Wolf is available for pre-order on Wednesday October 5th 2022, 7am PDT/ 10am EDT at Reserve Bar ( with an MSRP of $75USD (70cl).

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