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On top of the world: Royal Salute becomes first Scotch whisky on record to summit Everest


Adding to a year of momentous celebrations, Royal Salute – the master of exceptionally aged Scotch whisky – has released images of the moment a $25,000 flagon was successfully carried to the summit of Mount Everest. It marks a world first for whisky, as the first bottle of Scotch recorded as having ever reached the summit of the highest Earthly point.

In a true journey of celebration, this ascension mission was accomplished on Tuesday 23 May 2023, almost 70 years to the day that legendary conquerors Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay first scaled the 29,030ft mountain and placed the Union Jack at the top. News of the feat reached Britain on the dawn of 2 June 1953, adding to the extraordinary heritage of that significant day which also marked the Coronation Day of Queen Elizabeth II and the origin of Royal Salute, which was created in Her Majesty’s honour and gifted to her that morning.

Seven decades later, Royal Salute continues to mark significant milestones. The flagon was carried by Ang Dorjee Sherpa – a Nepali born Everest guide who has braved the treacherous slopes more than 20 times – and accompanied by intrepid mountaineers led by Guy Cotter in support of the Everest70 celebrations. The expression selected for the anniversary expedition was a Royal Salute Coronation of King Charles III Edition; a coveted release announced in April this year.

A limited release of just 500 flagons, the Edition is a luxurious blend of over 53 rare malt and grain whiskies, reflecting the year Royal Salute was first crafted, resulting in a beautifully rich expression that has delicately sweet and playfully spicy notes. It is housed in a precious Dartington crystal decanter that withstood the extreme conditions of the mountain throughout the gruelling expedition to protect the rare and prestige Scotch.

On receiving news of the safe and successful ascent, Royal Salute Global Marketing Director Mathieu Deslandes said “Conquering Everest is a remarkable achievement; to have Royal Salute accompanying these brave climbers to the top of the world fills me with immense pride. Uniting with our partners to celebrate 70 years of shared anniversaries pays homage to the impressive comradery of the climbing teams in 1953 and 2023, while raising money for such a worthwhile cause. This is a new moment in our history that we will always remember and be proud of.”

Upon leaving Nepal, the record-breaking flagon of Royal Salute Coronation of King Charles III Edition will be taken to London where it will be auctioned to raise funds for The Himalayan Trust – a charity set up by the late Sir Edmund Hillary. Interested bidders are invited to formally submit a pre-bid via email, ahead of the live Everest 70 auction on Thursday 15th June. Pre-bids can be sent to The Himalayan Trust UK via, using the subject “Everest 70 auction pre-bid”. Alongside your pre-bid (in GBP), bidders must include their full name and contact details. 100% of the proceeds go directly to The Himalayan Trust UK (registered charity number 1000153) to support its work in transforming the education and improving health for Nepal’s mountain people.

This expedition would not have been possible without the support of Lisa Choegyal, Adventure Consultants New Zealand and Himalayan Guides Nepal. For more information on the anniversary expedition and details on the auction, please visit or follow @royalsalute on social media.



Image courtesy of Suze Kelly Adventure Consultants.


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