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The Glenlivet has unveiled the next instalment of its ‘Original By Tradition' global campaignputting the great taste of the whisky firmly in focus as The Glenlivet builds on its ambition to open up the single malt Scotch category.  

The new film - launching across TV and digital in Canada in November before rolling out to other markets including the US, UK, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong - builds on the brand’s mindset of ‘originality’ that has seen The Glenlivet breaking traditions to set new standards in whisky since 1824.  

While the Original By Tradition launch film took viewers on a journey through the brand’s pioneering heritage, the new instalment ups the ante with an even bolder and more visually dramatic film which takes viewers on a journey with founder and true original, George Smith, as he follows the legacy of his life’s work - his The Glenlivet single malt - through to today.     

The opening scene sees George Smith back in his 1800s bothy in Scotland, establishing himself as an original thinker and defining the Speyside style of whisky, where The Glenlivet began. With a lurch the ad places a determined Smith striving forward on a moving treadmill which is constantly throwing up challenges, demonstrating how his drive and vision went against the norm of the time.  

Smith’s challenges initially take the shape of men who represent the strict norms and rigid traditions of whisky fundamentalists, from a time when the traditional style of whisky was harsh and smoky. We see how Smith has created a unique smooth style, before facing off against a wall of mirrors reflecting the poor imitations that tried to copy his style of whisky and claim the famous The Glenlivet name. Fast-forward and Smith stands above these traditionalists and imitations, comfortable in the legacy of his original creation and smashes through a final wall, releasing the delicious tasting notes and smooth taste of The Glenlivet in a vibrant, kaleidoscope of colours and ingredients that capture the essence of his whisky. The final scene finds Smith arriving in a modern bar scene to see how his legacy is still setting new standards across the world, inviting people to enjoy single malt whisky in different ways, whether neat, part of a cocktail in a social setting, or even as one of the recent The Glenlivet cocktail capsules. 

“Our new film celebrates the original thinking of our founder George Smith and the legacy he left us, that compels us to keep innovating and pushing boundaries in the category. We have brought to life Smith’s vision with innovations such as the much discussed The Glenlivet Capsule Collection, The Glenlivet 14 Year Old Cognac Cask finish and our most recent release, The Glenlivet Caribbean Reserve, finished in Caribbean Rum Barrels. Maintaining the original style of The Glenlivet whisky will always be our key focus and that’s why the whisky is the real hero of this film said Miriam Eceolaza, Director of The Glenlivet. 

The Original by Tradition campaign launched globally last November and coincided with the release of The Glenlivet’s new modern, bold and vibrant packaging.  

The Glenlivet developed the new campaign in collaboration with Crispin Porter Bogusky London and Director Tom Noakes, who had previously directed the original campaign film.

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