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Aberlour celebrates the natural art of whisky making with the launch of new 14 year old


Aberlour, the award-winning Speyside single malt, has launched Aberlour 14 Year Old, a new addition to the much-loved portfolio created with a focus on balancing the knowledge and understanding of the makers craft with a deep respect for the delicate flavours of the natural whisky process  

The new release joins Aberlour 12 Year Old, Aberlour 16 Year Old and Aberlour 18 Year Old to complete the double cask matured rangeIn recognition of its quality, the new Aberlour 14 Year Old has picked up several awards even before its launch – winning a coveted Double Gold medal at the prestigious International Wine and Spirits Competition 2020, and a Gold medal at the International Spirits Challenge 2020.  

 Aberlour drinkers know that the Aberlour range is famed for the quality of its carefully crafted double cask maturation, led by the expertise of its cask selection team. The new Aberlour 14 Year Old is no exception, but it also goes one step further to harmonise the depth of flavour from cask influence with the natural character from the local Aberlour terroir that impartsoft and gentle hints of blackcurrant and citrus to our new-make distillate. 

Produced in unique batches, Aberlour 14 Year Old captures the artistry and handson experience of its makers. The finest barley – now sourced sustainably from the local terroir – pure Birkenbush spring water, techniques and timings at Aberlour – guided by the vision of Master Distiller Graeme Cruikshank – are perfectly tuned to create the same blackcurrant character time and time again. The warehouse experts then handselect the best aromatic Oloroso casks and a significant portion of first-fill American oak casks which enhance the recognisably rich flavour and provide a delicate complexity like no other single malt in the Aberlour aged range. 

The result is an incredibly balanced 14 Year Old with a sweet fruity taste, bringing together notes of ripe blackberries and aromatic spice, and a finish of creamy complexity from the higher proportion of first-fill American Oak casks. 

Graeme Cruickshank, Master Distiller at Aberlour commented:  

“We are proud of the meticulous attention to detail and teamwork that has gone into the creation of Aberlour 14 Year Old. It’s a true celebration and manifestation of the art of distilling, which we are extremely passionate about. When you visit Aberlour, there is always a lingering smell of blackcurrants in the air and that note is at the heart of every drop of whisky that runs out of our stills. The natural maturation process of our double cask maturing focuses this, adding a delicate extra level to the palate, and captures the complexity that our fans have come to know and love.”  

For more information visit www.aberlour.com.

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