Chivas Brothers Gender Pay Gap Report 2020


Chivas Brothers is committed to building an inclusive and convivial business that shapes a more diverse Scotch industry. Our gender pay gap compares favourably to the UK average. However, there are areas where we must continue to champion policies that create and nurture a work culture where every employee can thrive.

We’re pleased that in the past two years:

  • An improvement in the median bonus has reduced our gender pay gap
  • The gap in mean pay between men and women narrowed slightly between 2018 and 2020 (7.9% in 2018 vs 7.3% in 2020)
  • Our median gender pay gap (10.8%) compares favorably to the UK average of 15.5% in 2020 (Office for National Statistics)
  • There was a small increase in the number of women in both the upper and the lower-middle pay quartiles since our last report for 2018, which was published in 2019

In this, our third gender pay gap report, we provide information on the gender pay gap for our UK workforce and explain our ongoing and new initiatives that aim to create greater opportunities.

Chivas Brothers has launched, and is participating in, a number of initiatives aimed at tackling the gender pay gap and championing  a fair and inclusive workplace that draws on the talents of people from a wide range of backgrounds.

These include enhanced parental leave benefits to help families with childcare, coaching schemes to strengthen our pipeline of future female leaders and company-wide training programmes to improve the skills and career prospects of under-represented groups in our workforce.

We are taking great strides to implement meaningful measures and programmes, but we are not complacent and continue to cement our commitment to ensuring we are narrowing the gender pay gap and fostering a more inclusive culture across the business and industry.




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