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After barring straws from its drinks in over 100 countries, Chivas calls on consumers worldwide to harness the power of social media and help protect the ocean from plastic 

Luxury Scotch whisky brand Chivas Regal, which is enjoyed in millions of cocktails every year, has pledged to stop using single-use plastic straws and stirrers in over 100 countries – and is now calling on cocktail lovers and bar owners around the world to go strawless too. 

Through its #BarStraws campaign – which encourages people to show their support through straw-free ‘selfies’ – Chivas estimates that it will save many millions of plastic straws and stirrers every year. Cocktail lovers are urged to simply take a selfie while sucking on their drink through an invisible straw, and post to Instagram tagging @chivasregal #BarStraws. For every post, Chivas will donate US$1 to the Marine Conservation Society.

Chivas Regal is committed to using business to change the world for the better, and has launched the #BarStraws campaign in support of parent company Pernod Ricard’s ongoing mission to preserve the oceans and protect the life within them from plastic. 

Sandrine Ricard, Head of Sustainability & Responsibility at Chivas, commented: “Plastic straws spend a moment on our lips, and then a lifetime in the ocean or in landfill. We wanted to demonstrate that plastic no longer has a place in Chivas drinks, and that small acts - such as refusing the straw - can make a big difference. “We created the #BarStraws selfie as a simple way for cocktail lovers to make a positive impact while having fun together. Through #BarStraws, everyone can be a part of this important conversation, and can help fund conservation too.”

The Marine Conservation Society, the UK's leading marine charity, wants to see a reduction in the volume of single use plastic in everyday use, and is challenging businesses and individuals to refuse the straw. 

"A plastic straw is used for such a short time before it is thrown away", said Chief Executive, Sandy Luk. "Chivas Regal is showing real commitment to deal with this unnecessary waste pollution, and we now need many other businesses to follow their lead".

To prove that cocktails taste better when sipped, not sucked, Chivas Regal Global Brand Ambassador Max Warner has created a #BarStraws signature cocktail: the Strawberry Sipper. And the only straw in this cocktail is a strawberry. 

The Strawberry Sipper

  • 50ml Chivas Regal 12 Year Old
  • 20ml Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice
  • 10ml Strawberry Syrup
  • 50 ml Ginger Ale 
  • 50 ml Soda Water

Build all ingredients in a glass over ice; garnish with a fresh strawberry.

To discover more about Chivas’ #BarStraws campaign and to see how you too can help protect our oceans, visit the Chivas website.


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