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The Glenlivet challenges outdated whisky preconceptions by breaking internet algorithms



The Glenlivet is on a mission to change the outdated stereotype of the whisky drinker – one image at a time. #BreakTheStereotype celebrates diversity and representation within whisky – the first in a series of preconceptions the original Speyside single malt is challenging head on.

For far too long, the thought of whisky being enjoyed exclusively by middle-aged, white men has dominated pop culture. A perception so widespread, you only need to look at the results for ‘whisky drinker’ on Google Images™ search service – a disproportionate number of white men over any other gender or ethnicity. However, research conducted by Pernod Ricard* shows that the modern whisky drinker has evolved, with a third of whisky drinkers globally being women.

To challenge this ‘cultural norm’, The Glenlivet is infiltrating search engine algorithms and purposefully planting images to change the visual landscape. Now, when searching ‘whisky drinker’ using Google Images™ search service, you are greeted with a colourful montage as unique and diverse as real whisky drinkers in 2022.

Miriam Eceolaza, Global Marketing Director, The Glenlivet & Single Malts at Pernod Ricard commented:

“#BreakTheStereotype continues The Glenlivet’s pioneering heritage and shows that we will never be held back by limiting preconceptions. We know there is a diverse range of whisky fans across the globe and that continues to grow – yet the old stereotype surrounding whisky remains. Time for us to change that.”

The photos were captured by two photographers who embody originality and the eclectic world of whisky. Danny Kasirye is a Ugandan-British photographer and director who forged his own path. His photography always aims to bring a sense of purity, joy and beauty in its many forms. Devyn Galindo is a queer Chicanx artist, photographer and Whisky Sour fan based in California, whose work exists at the intersection of culture, representation, and politics. An individual who champions self-expression, their personal project, ‘The Van Dykes Projects’ documents queer stories across the US and aims to preserve queer oral history for future generations, practicing activism through art.

To continue to promote diversity in whisky, The Glenlivet has partnered with Equal Measures, an organisation founded to deliver greater equity for ethnic minorities and marginalised groups in hospitality. As part of the partnership The Glenlivet is supporting Equal Measures through its Education and Mentorship Scheme by providing up to 30 participants from marginalised communities with access to qualifications, one-on-one mentorship and opportunities that will enable them to challenge the biases they encounter with a wealth of experience, knowledge, and connections.

“It’s critical that we do our part to better represent today’s whisky drinker and our partnership with Equal Measures will help accelerate change for the better. ‘#BreakTheStereotype celebrates The Glenlivet’s passion for challenging conventions and continues the innovative and original thinking of our founder, George Smith.” 

added Miriam Eceolaza.

Supporting #BreakTheStereotype, Deano Moncrieffe, Founder of Equal Measures said:

“We’re delighted to be announcing our partnership with The Glenlivet for the launch of #BreakTheStereotype, and especially to be working with a company that shares our values, and the vision that became Equal Measures. We hope to make the drinks and spirit industry a more welcoming and inclusive place, for not only those who work within bars, but at every level of the drinks industry.”

To further support The Glenlivet’s mission to challenge the outdated stereotype online, whisky drinkers are invited to the #BreakTheStereotype pop-up bar taking place at Coupette in London from 13th–19th June. Guests posting a photo of themselves with a cocktail from the #BreakTheStereotype menu on social media with the hashtag, will enjoy a free drink.** The pictures will further infiltrate the algorithm by flooding the internet with images and continuing to reinforce the modern face of whisky. A portion of proceeds from each cocktail purchased from the menu beyond the complimentary drink will be donated to Equal Measures and go towards delivering greater equity for ethnic minorities and marginalised groups in hospitality.

For more information about #BreakTheStereotype, please visit


*The Pernod Ricard Group conducted research across seven key markets that shows there is an approximate 68% male / 32% female split; Brand source tracker, 2020

**For people over legal drinking age.

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